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YUBA, Tofu skin, Soymilk skin beancurd skin, bean skin....

YUBA OR TOFU / SOYMILK SKIN is often considered a delicacy in Chinese and Japanese cooking. It is the "skin" that forms on the top of the liquid when boiling soymilk, a wonderful biproduct in making tofu.

It can be used as a meat substitute, having crispy, and chewy qualities to it. It can be used to make a crispy "skin like" coating on homemade tofurkeys, or other chewy meatless meats.

Try pan frying pieces in oil and sprinkling with garlic salt, or powdered sugar for two very different results.

Use it to make crispy skin like textures on meatless meats, such as tofu turkey, or use it as a wonton wrapper and bake or fry. Or simmer it in a soup or liquid for a chewy meaty texture. (fry it first for best texture.) Yuba skins have been used as hotdog skins in meatless hotdogs, and seasoned and fried as a bacon substitute.

Yuba is usually found dried in oriental stores but can be made easily at home. Storebought Yuba usually will be thicker, and easier to handle, because many premade soymilks don't contain as much protein as the purchased, or home made soymilk, but it is still possible to make at home.

To make YUBA from soymilk Just bring PLAIN UNSWEETENED SOYMILK (nothing on the label except soybeans and water) to a boil over medium heat. using a medium to large pot Boil gently, without stirring. You will see when a good film has formed, it can take 10 -15 minutes at first, then more quickly as time passes. Remove the film gently, with a couple chopsticks, and set aside. Repeat as often as you like. It can be difficult to keep the yuba from bunching up as you remove it, which is fine for most applications, but if you want it as a thin skin, it will take a bit of practice. They are hung to dry or can be used fresh.

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