Soymilk Tips


What is SOYMILK?
Soy (soya) milk, is made from soybeans and water.
There are several types and flavors on the market, but the
basic soymilk recipe is the same.

Which Soymilk is right for you?
If you are looking for a replacement for dairy products, do not expect them to taste like cows milk.
You shouldn't want that!
People were never meant to drink cows milk, dogs milk, or any other animals milk, beside human milk, for that matter, which is why so many people are lactose intolerant, or why most people physically react to dairy products in some way...
As I said above, there are many, many types and flavors of soymilk, and other dairy milk replacements, (almond milk, hemp milk, rice milk, chocolate, vanilla flavor etc.) on the market. As with any type of food, each of us have our own preferences for taste, and should try different ones to find the best for us!
You might like one for drinking and another for cereal..

Cooking with Soymilk.
BUT, for cooking with soymilk, only use soymilk that has soybeans and water on the label! (Unless you have cooked with something else before and actually prefer it.)
ALL soymilks that have anything else on the label, even just added vitamins, or labeled "unsweetened" will alter the taste of what you are making.
Make sure there is nothing but soybeans and water on the label!
Use plain, unflavored, unsweetened, soymilk in any recipe calling for milk.
There is also a dry form sold, which is great to keep on hand. But again, be positive there is nothing else on the label, except soybeans and water, unless you know what it is like, and are using it as a beverage, instead of cooking with it.

If a recipe calls for
Evaporated Milk

Evaporated milk is just 2 servings of milk in 1 serving of liquid. So to get evaporated milk use twice as much instant dry soy milk powder to one serving of soy milk, or take ready made soy milk (with only soy beans and water on the label) and use that in place of water for mixing one serving of instant dry soy milk powder. Or reduce (boil) soymilk to half.

Sweetened condensed milk is just concentrated milk with added sugar, and usually oil added, which you can easily make your own.
Click here for a non dairy

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SOYMILK SKIN. Also known as YUBA is a wonderful biproduct of making soymilk and tofu. Use it to make crispy "skin" like textures on fake meats like homemade tofurkey, or as wrappers, or other meatless meats. Click here for more on YUBA.


for FabulousTofu Cooking

COOK WITH TOFU, It tastes great!

EAT TOFU, it's good for you!
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Tips for using soymilk


Best choices for a non dairy soymilk
for cooking.