Homemade soymilk recipe
Soymilk from Scratch

Cholesterol Free Vegan Recipe
Homemade Soymilk
Take raw soybeans, and soak them overnight in water.
The next day, rinse the beans and bring them to a boil in a large pot. Do this several times.
Drain them a final time then grind or process them, with hot water, at a 1 to 3 parts ratio, (1 part soybeans, 3 parts water) into a pulpy liquid. Pour all this pulp and liquid into a cheesecloth lined colander capturing the milk below. Squeeze the remains to get out all the liquid you can. Pour the strained soymilk liquid into a deep pot and bring to a rolling boil for around 20 minutes.
=Perfect homemade soymilk!


When boiling soymilk a film will form on the top of the liquid. This is what is known as YUBA, a delicacy in Chinese and Japanese cooking.
It is usually found dried in sheets at specialty or oriental stores.
Save this film for a great meat substitute!