Tofu Chicken Chunks
Mock Chicken Nuggets

Cholesterol Free Vegan Tofu Recipe
 This is one of the best all time simple recipes for tofu

Tofu Chicken Chunks /Mock Chicken Nuggets

Cut Firm Regular tofu, (which has been pressed and dried, or dry fried.)
into bite size chunks.

Put in pan with HOT oil.
Turn pieces over as they get browned.
Brown at least two sides.
The more sides you brown the crispier it is.

Remove and toss with

(More or less depending on how much tofu you use...)
1/2 C nutrional yeast
2 T vegi broth powder
1 T garlic salt



Deep fry if you can.

Eat as is or dip in favorite sauces... bbq, ketchup, honey mustard, sweet n sour.....

You can marinate the tofu in broth, or other seasonings for a few hours first....

Use instead of chicken nuggets.