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TOFU is one of the most perfect foods available!
If someone says "they don't like TOFU", they are basically saying something equivalent to
"they don't like flour!"
It's what you DO with it, which makes it great!
TOFU is very versatiLe, and can be used in just about any culinary area, sweet or savory.
Tofu is almost tasteless and will take on the flavors you put with it, any sauce, marinade, spices...
Tofu can be whirled in a blender for wonderful, creamy drinks. Tofu can be made crispy, crunchy, and chewy for snacks or meat alternatives. TOFU can be used in pretty much any type of recipe.
Tofu is also very good for you, being a complete protein and containing zero cholesterol
Best Tofu tip? EAT IT!

What is Tofu?
TOFU, also known as bean curd, is made from soybeans.
Basically, it is curdled soymilk.
Hot soymilk is mixed with a curdling agent, usually nigari (Nigari is what is left over after you remove the salt from ocean water, aka magnesium chloride, a natural mineral.)
Curds can also be formed by adding an acidic food like lemon juice or vinegar.
These curds then are generally pressed into a solid block.
Tofu is a staple in several countries for over 2000 years. Asia is most known for tofus use with China claiming its origin.


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COOK WITH TOFU, It tastes great!

EAT TOFU, it's good for you!
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